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Tenzin Quilling

Paper quilling art by Tenzin Kalsang

Toronto, Canada

Tenzin Kalsang was born in New Delhi, the capital city of India to a Tibetan family. She shortly moved to the hill stations of Northern India; Darjeeling and Dharamshala for her primary education. Having been raised by her parents with rich Tibetan culture both in urban and country side, her love for the outdoors grew tremendously. Throughout her life, Kalsang has always been fascinated by Tibetan rich culture, nature, and how a small act of gifting handmade art can bring so much joy to others. Naturally, she was drawn to paper art.

The interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed when she rediscovered the art of paper quilling in her final year of Bachelor in Science in Nursing. After completing her degree, Kalsang delved even more into her paper quilling art practice, which involved following her passion and not being deterred by the criticism of not following a ‘society approved career’ such as a Nurse. The paper miniatures, that Kalsang display in her social networks are only part of the output we see. She uses the practice of gifting her paper dolls by
customising someone’s precious moment into her quilling art and wrap them in the most eco-friendly packaging she can ever access to. Paper Quilling is art of using paper strip to create a desirable shape by rolling and gluing. It is a collaboration of the artist, nature and, the encapsulated love. She feels that the artistic exchange between the art lover and the artist opens up many opportunities. The opportunity of a happier coexistence.

Kalsang has created more than 150 handmade paper miniatures and wall art paintings through her art of paper quilling and shipped all over the world. She specialises in creating miniatures with Tibetan traditional dress for wedding gifts and cake toppings. She also makes sure to feed a hungry stray dog through her artwork. She appeared in several shows and interviews such as Tibettv, RFA Tibetan, VOATibetan, Snowlion Club, Tibetan Career Centre and, RTYC Toronto as a youth icon in the Tibetan community and recently in Aha moment.

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